IPL/Laser Hair Removal

Permanent reduction of unwanted hair:

  • Bikini                 $80
  • Upper lip            $60
  • Stomach            $75
  • Brazilian           $120
  • Neck                   $80
  • Chest                 $75
  • Underarm         $80
  • Full legs              $175
  • Shoulders          $75
  • Full face            $95
  • Half legs             $125
  • Half back           $85
  • Chin                  $80
  • Half arms            $95
  • Full back            $175

Price listed is per treatment. Package pricing is available. (3-5 treatments are generally required for maximum results)

Microdermabrasion (featuring Vibraderm)

Exfoliates the skin reducing sun damage, scarring and fine lines through a unique, relaxing, painless vibration modality.

Chemical Peels

Featuring the finest skin care products on the market our chemical peels rejuvenate skin revealing a more even tone and texture. Peel treatments reduce and/or completely eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, decrease pore size, repair sun damage and decrease ruddy skin tones.

* Free skin care consultations are available to determine the right peel for your specific needs.


Hydrate and exfoliate your skin. The result is a healthy glow and a silky smooth complexion.


Treats sun damage, freckles, fine lines, broken capillaries and redness. This therapy also stimulates collagen production using IPL modalities.


A less permanent treatment for unwanted hair.

  • Brow (regular)              $15
  • Arm (half)                   $30
  • Stomach                   $35
  • Brow (shaping)             $20
  • Arm (full)                    $50
  • Bikini                         $35+
  • Lip                                   $8
  • Legs (half)                  $45
  • French bikini             $40+
  • Additional face           $5-15
  • Legs (full)                   $75
  • Brazilian                    $50
  • Underarm                     $25
  • Flip-flop foot wax      $5-15


Eliminate wrinkles caused by fine muscular contractions on forehead, frown lines, crows feet, lips, neck, nose and chin. Results typically last 3-6 months.


Plump lips, cheeks, turn frown lines up, reduce severity of naso-labial folds, and “fill in” crevices not caused by muscular contraction but by collagen loss. Results typically last 6-18 months.

Hair Services


Eyelash Extensions

Expertly applied faux mink lashes take your natural lashes from sparse to long and lush in hours. Our eyelash extension specialist can customize your lashes for the specific effect you desire. Faux lashes fall out with your normal lash cycle but with proper care can last 2-3 weeks between “fills”.

* Please allow 2 hours for initial appointment and 90 minutes for fill.